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wPDF is our PDF creation component for VCL applications (Delphi and C++Builder). Even though the standard version comes with a DLL, it is possible to order DCU files to include is a PDF engine directly into your application without the need to distribute to further DLL. wPDF is successful since 2001 and used in various OEM products.

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Internally wPDF is working as EMF (Windows metafile) to PDF conversion routine. Because of this technology the product is very versatile: it can be used with several other reporting solutions, last but not least, report builder and fast report. Especially powerful is it when connected to WPTools. Here you get fast WYSIWYG PDF creation, which makes it possible to send all print output first to a PDF. This makes sense to create a protocol for all print outputs, for example to allow it to repeat certain print jobs. (If you use our product WPViewPDF, you can include the PDF preview directly into your program and start the print from there) with the output from WPTools, several text attributes, such as hyperlinks embedded JPEG data, bookmarks and outlines will be taken directly into the PDF document. With wPDF there is also a native canvas property of the type TCanvas. This also contains the property handle of type HDC. With this handle you can use Windows GDI commands.

wPDF, is a powerful PDF maker which has been available since July 2001, has been specially optimized for greater compatibility with most drawing commands commonly found in Windows applications. Unlike many competing products it deals not only with “Canvas” methods, but also with GDI API calls which require a device handle as parameter (Canvas.Handle).