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InfoPower Enterprise for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

Purchase InfoPower Enterprise and receive a bundle of InfoPower VCL and InfoPower FMX (FirePower) for building state of the art Windows (VCL and FMX), MacOS and mobile applications.

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€ 730,00

IVA escl.

InfoPower Enterprise includes licenses for both our InfoPower VCL and FirePower FMX libraries. This version supports RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo, and includes versions (by request) compatible with earlier versions of Delphi.  If you do not require our InfoPower VCL library but only want the components for the FMX library then you can purchase FirePower separately.

1 Year Update Subscription Recommended

Update Subscription is the Woll2Woll Support and Maintenance plan and is strongly recommended to keep up-to-date with product upgrades and receive access to support when you need it. Update Subscription provides:

  • All updates and hotfixes for the current release
  • On-going maintenance – updates and hotfixes for various previous releases
  • All major upgrades (i.e. 10,2 Berlin to next major release)
  • Annually renewable at a fraction of a single upgrade cost

Add 1 Year Maintenance to your order to receive this subscription.

For a detailed overview of InfoPower VCL, see:

For a detailed overview of FrePower see: