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  • CodeSite 5

    The CodeSite Logging System gives developers deeper insight into how their code is executing, which enables them to locate problems more quickly and ensure their application is running correctly.

    € 365,00 IVA escl.
  • DropMaster 2

    DropMaster is a set of 4 native VCL controls for use in Delphi and C++Builder. While the VCL components included with Delphi and C++Builder permit drag and drop between windows in the same application, DropMaster allows developers to add support for drag and drop between applications.

    € 91,00 IVA escl.
  • Inspex 2

    Inspex is an advanced set of native VCL grid controls specifically designed for inspecting objects and other data types in your programs. From the light-weight TIxItemListEditor for editing lists of name-value pairs to the advanced TIxObjectInspector for inspecting all published properties of objects and components, there is an inspector control in the...

    € 91,00 IVA escl.
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