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  • LogicLab

    LogicLab can be used to perform logical operations in an application based on events that occur.  These events fed into the LogicLab component set can help determine a course of action to take or display this information in the form of an LED or other component.  Logic data can be visualised in the form of a segmental display and logical operations can be...

    € 236,00 IVA escl.
  • AudioLab

    With AudioLab you can do just about anything imaginable: synthesize, capture, process, and analyze; mix, listen, visualize and more.

    € 491,00 IVA escl.
  • VisionLab

    VisionLab allows rapid development of fully featured computer vision applications for the security industry, scientific and other applications. It also includes Hough Lines, edge detection, contour detection, Haar face and object detection, robust features, and target detecting/tracking components.

    € 578,00 IVA escl.
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