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Report Builder 19

Server, Professional, Enterprise, Standard

ReportBuilder is the defacto standard for Delphi reporting solutions.

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ReportBuilder is available in the following editions:

ReportBuilder Standard

Build complete report server solutions for publishing reports to remote client applications and web browsers. Includes a license to ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition...

Using basic component configuration you can get a Windows service-based report server application up and running, a web application up and running, and have users previewing reports in a web browser in no time. And you can do it all without having to master multi-threaded programming, Windows Services, Windows Sockets, Windows System Tray applications, COM, I/O Completion Ports/Worker Thread Pools, XML, SOAP Services, ISAPI Thread Pools, XHTML, or JavaScript.

ReportBuilder Standard

Includes all features of ReportBuilder Professional Edition...

Use RAP to build portable reports. RAP enables developers and end-users to code calculations and event-handlers without Delphi.

The run-time code can be saved with the report definition, outside of the application executable.

Distribute RAP royalty-free, as part of an end-user reporting solution. RAP adds a Calc tab to the Report Designer that provides an easy to use interface for coding report event-handlers.

ReportBuilder Standard

Includes all features of ReportBuilder Standard Edition...

Use DADE to visually define and link SQL queries. DADE enables developers and end-user to quickly and easily build and link SQL queries that can be saved as part of the report definition.

Distribute DADE royalty-free, as part of an end-user reporting solution. DADE adds a Data tab to the Report Designer that provides an easy to user interface for building and linking SQL queries.

Build full featured End-User reporting solutions that can be distributed royalty-free.

ReportBuilder Standard

Use the Report Wizards and Drag-and-Drop tools to quickly produce layouts. Then refine the layouts using the MS Office style Report Designer.

Build complex reports using a full suite of components: Text, Lines, Shapes, Charts, Barcodes, Regions, and Subreports.
Elegantly model free-form reports, nested reports, side-by-side reports and drill-down reports.

Use the datapipeline components to access data from databases, text files, and in-memory data structures such as arrays and lists. Create custom components to extend the power of the Report Component Library (RCL).