Delphi Parser 

The Delphi Parser, is a technology that is able to automatically read a large scale source code millions of lines of code in thousands of files, scan it, map it, identify objects, link between Modules, Objects and Forms, DB Scheme & the actual code, and based on given rules, replace the old code with a new one.

Today, most of the activity is done in DELPHI, where it all began. Soon, it will be available also for – C #, VB, Java.

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  • Clean Up Your Code Base & Dispose of all the Excessive & Unused unit’s declaration in your USES Clause with a Click of a button! The Delphi Parser Optimizer is an Automatic Code Refactoring Wizard. It Analyzes an Entire code base against all available Delphi’s System Units, 3rd Party Components, Libraries & your project’s code base units. RICHIEDI UNA...

  • The Delphi Parser’s Software Developer’s Full Kit Library for Total Migration Control of Legacy Borland Delphi to newest RAD Studio Seattle 10 & Berlin 10.1. RICHIEDI UNA QUOTAZIONE

  • The Business Edition of The Automatic Migration Scripting Wizard For Converting Delphi Code using Standard VCL to UniGUI. Suitable For Projects with up to 1 Million Lines of Code. Supports All Delphi Versions, including Delphi Berlin 10.1. Easily & Quickly Scans your whole project code-base & Convert it From VCL to UniGUI. RICHIEDI UNA QUOTAZIONE

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