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TCPDUMP for Windows

TCPDUMP for Windows® is a clone of TCPDUMP, the most used network sniffer/analyzer for UNIX, compiled with the original tcpdump code (tcpdump.org), and MicroOLAP Packet Sniffer SDK.

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The main features of the TCPDUMP for Windows®

MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows® accurately reproduces all features of the original tcpdump by LBNL's Network Research Group, developed for the UNIX systems.
Since MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows® is compiled with the Packet Sniffer SDK, it has the following advantages:

It is portable

MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows® may be run from any removable device without installation on the user's PC: it is compiled with Packet Sniffer SDK, so no any pre-installed third-party packet capture drivers are required. Just run tcpdump.exe, and use tcpdump command-line interface you're already familiar with.


Thanks to the traffic capture technology utilized in TCPDUMP for Windows®, this product has very high performance too.
Small footprint
MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows® comes as single 400Kb .EXE file, that allows to upload it to a remote Windows PC box to be analyzed, and then run it under Windows Terminal, Radmin, or other remote administration tool.

TCPDUMP for Windows® supports the following operation systems

Windows NT 4.0; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows 2003; Windows Vista; Windows Longhorn; Windows 98; Windows ME, WinXP x64, Win2003 x64, Vista x64.

Since version 4.5.1 TCPDUMP for Windows® supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, but in this case you should install PSSDK protocol driver before (see downloads section).

Network adapters supported

  • Ethernet (802.3);
  • Token-Ring;
  • FDDI;
  • WAN (modem).